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Often it is necessary to give the participants some information about an issue, or a proposed policy, before starting a consultation. This has two aspects.

  1. Awareness raising (publicity to engage consultees)
  2. Disseminating information on the consultation topic (one-way communication)

Publicity to engage consultees

  • Advertising (e.g. radio, newspapers, Google Adwords)
  • E-mailed newsletters
    • Activelink keeps civil society up-to-date in Ireland.
    • NSEC uses PHP List to keep consultees informed.
    • Electronic newsletter software: 1-2-ALL Broadcast E-mail Software, AdvoKit, e-Campaign, Interspire SendStudio, PHPList
  • Social networking sites (e.g. Bebo, MySpace,Facebook, Friendster) and popular blogs

Information on the consultation topic

  • Post out 100-page consultation documents,
    • and be surprised if many people read and understand the document and have the time to reply.
  • Set up a website
  • Tell your stories on blogs
  • Use rich media
    • Videos (e.g. YouTube)
    • Podcasts
    • Games
      • Demgames
      • Amsterdam City Council has used on-line games to introduce a topic before people got to the e-consultation site.